About the blog

Science communication is tough. Journalists sometimes over-exaggerate new findings, or flat-out make stuff up to get you to click their link. But then again, sometimes the stories are on point. And a lot of the time, the journalists don’t give you enough credit when they dumb things down. All of this have created a growing disconnect between scientists and the public.

With this blog, you get your science straight to the point, no strings attached. I’ll tell you what the major research breakthroughs really mean, while also teaching you the science behind them. Science communication shouldn’t just be about delivering the news, it should be about learning. By reading this blog, you’ll not only be up-to-date on the newest discoveries in science, you’ll begin to truly understand what they are, how we came about them, and why they truly matter. Only through honest and insightful reporting can we mend the growing rift between scientists and the public.

Your’s Truly,

The Candid Scientist
“Prudence in Science”

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