The Yogurt Chronicles

You’re at the grocery store. You’re buying yogurt to “maintain your figure” (womanly or not). “WOW!” you proclaim as you pick up a cup of Yoplait,
“This one says its got probiotics! Those are like good for you, right?”

Well, yeah its good for you all right. But the thing is, yogurt companies should really be banned from putting “Contains Healthy Probiotics!” on their labels. That’s because yogurt is probiotics. Simply put, yogurt is what you get from the bacterial fermentation of milk. So who normally does the fermentation? Mainly a group of bacterial species known as Lactobacillus (phonetically, for you non-scientists, thats “lack-dough-ba-sillus”). But it turns out there’s research to suggest that consumption of Lactobacillus is actually good for you and might confer health benefits. Therefore, they’ve been classified as “probiotics”.

So in the end, saying “Yogurt, now with probiotics!” is like saying “Orange juice, now made with oranges!”. Or like saying “Butter, now made from milk!”  Or…well you get the idea. It’s all redundant in the end!

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