A Cure for the Double Chin

Getting tired of your double chin?
Well, I’ve got good news for you!

An advisory panel for the FDA has just unanimously approved a new drug for getting rid of that unwanted chin. The drug, called ATX-101, is actually just an injectable form of deoxycholic acid (DA). This acid is found normally within the human intestine, and is part of a class of chemicals known as “bile acids”. Our bodies use these bile acids to emulsify (mix) fats ingested through food so that they become soluble, and thus able to be absorbed. Interestingly enough, DA is considered a “secondary” bile acid, meaning the human body doesn’t actually produce this chemical. Instead, this chemical is produced by the bacteria found in the intestine…yummers!

How does this all translate to no more double chin? By injecting DA into your “second chin” (which is basically just fat), you end up dissolving the fat and causing the fat cells to break open. The rest is basically just a “clean-up in aisle 6” situation, if you know what I mean. Now, how well does the drug work? Pretty darn well. As the Daily News reports, 90% of patients saw a reduction in fat by the end of two years during clinical trials, with only mild pain as a side effect. Of course, full FDA approval is needed before we see it on the market, but that shouldn’t be an issue given that the FDA usually follows the advice given to them by their advisory panel.

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