Poisonous Food | Part 2

For those who like exploring the oddities of life, VB’s blog “Shudder” provides great content about science that’s off the beaten path. In this article, VB discusses why we love the burn of hot sauce, why you never see cashew nut shells in the grocery store, and everything you didn’t want to know about ice cream.


With the birds I’ll share this lonely view…

There is a fruit out there which causes us physical pain when we eat it. It makes our noses run, our eyes water, our tongues burn and in extreme cases it can kill us. But this is okay. We like this fruit. We voluntarily add bits of this fruit to our food to make it taste better. We sit at a Mexican fiesta laughing around a table that has bowls of food containing this fruit and when we eat it, we ask for more. More than two billion people across the world enjoy this fruit daily. What is wrong with us?

Chillies are one of the more obvious ones since they doesn’t even try to disguise themselves with sweetness like apples or awesomeness like potatoes. They contain a  chemical called capsaicin, which is at its highest levels not in the seeds as is commonly believed, but in the flesh that…

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